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Calories Fundamentals

Calories play an essential role in carrying out daily activities. Whether you are working at the office, engaged in a sports activity, or doing your routine workout, you need lots of calories that come in the form of food that you eat. If you are an athlete then you need to measure your daily calorie intake. Use the following calculator to find out the recommended calories for your body:

Understanding Caloric

To maintain ideal body weight, performance, and stamina, it is essentially important to maintain an adequate level of calorie intake. Believe it or not but your body consumes several calories every day.

If you are trying to lose body fat, then a prolonged caloric deficit is required and if you are trying to lean your muscles, then an increased level of calories is required.

Take a look at the following tables that highlight the most common types of food and drink items along with their respective calorie counts to see how many calories are contained in their typical servings.

Burning Calories During Low & High Intensity Exercise


30 Minutes of Exercise Fat Calories Burned Glycogen Calories Burned Total Calories Burned
Low Intensity Group (50%) 105 80 200
Hight Intensity Group (85%) 160 260 400

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